Program funds to be awarded to tenured and tenure‐track faculty members to facilitate international academic activity that will result in scholarly work. Examples include: scholarly presentations and artistic performances.  *These are not research funds.

Please note that due to the cost of international travel, it is not viable for the ASPiRE Program to support the entire cost of travel; as such, international travel awards are intended to supplement travel funds provided by the faculty member's college and department.


  • Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty
  • Full time contract appoinment faculty members are eligible as long as they have had at least 3 years of full time experience at BSU

Application Process 

There is no formal proposal required for this grant.  Instead please upload the following via Submittable:

  • Letter of acceptance/invitation to conference/performance venue, or program agenda identifying your presence (if applicable) 
  • 1 page abstract of accepted presentation or performance and statement of how this opportunity will impact professional development. 
  •  1 page budget narrative detailing contribution of department, college, and other funds. 
  • Statement on previous funding: 

* If prior support was received from the International Travel Program, indicate the year it was received and describe the publication(s) or other professional works resulting from the funded presentation. 

International Travel Award Stipulations: 

  • Proposals are required to document total travel requirements and additional internal financial support to include departmental, college, or other contributions. These funds should be detailed in the budget narrative and included in the BSU‐Other column on the budget form. 
  • Travel awards from the International Travel Program range up to $400 depending on the meeting/conference location and the number of faculty seeking International Travel Program funding for the same event. 
  •  A maximum of $400 is available to one faculty member per fiscal year.
  •   If there are co-presenters the award amount will be shared between them. 
  •  Awards may be expended only on: conference fees; airfare; car travel; hotel; and per diem costs. 
  • International travel must comply with the International Travel Policy, which requires registration as soon as possible.
  •  Completion of an approved Authorization for Travel form is required before funds will be released. All travel must comply with the  BSU Travel Regulations and Procedures Manual.
  •  Funding is transferred directly to a travel account within the department, not to the recipient. 
  • Receipt of an ASPiRE Research or Creative Arts award does not affect eligibility of a faculty International Travel Award in the same fiscal year; however, grant recipients failing to submit acceptable final reports for any award will be declared ineligible for further support from ASPiRE programs. 
  •  Please note that cash advances cannot be provided.


Final Report/Grant Closeout  

  • No final report is required at the time of this award, see *expectations in application materials when requesting future unternational travel support.
  • It is the award recipient's responsibility to file proper forms to claim grant funds within 60 days of receipt dates and to see that funds are expended. 
  •  Funds not claimed within 90 days of travel will revert back to the ASPiRE Program.