The goal of the Faculty Travel Program is to provide travel support for securing external funding for research or sponsored projects. Travel is primarily for face‐to‐face meetings with program officers of funding agencies or foundations. Existing internal funds (e.g. SUBMIT Funds) should be expended before requesting this award.


  • Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty
  • Contract Faculty‐Full time contract appointment faculty members are eligible, but the award will be provisionally based on contract renewal.
  • Burris and Indiana Academy Teaching Staff‐Full time teaching faculty are eligible, but the award will be provisionally based on contract renewal.
  • Professional Personnel‐University professional personnel members with research‐oriented duties are eligible, providing they define how their responsibilities relate to the proposed project.

Application Process

There is no formal proposal required for this grant. Instead please upload the following via Submittable:

  • A one page description that includes the details for the sponsor sought, including travel destination, timeline and Program Officer contact information, as well as a link to the identified potential funding opportunity.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for travel awards is the 15th of the month.
  • Applications must be received at least one month prior to travel. Note: If opportunity for travel is presented outside of the deadline window, please consult with the ASPiRE Program Manager.
  • Funding decisions will be made by the 30th of the month prior to travel.

Funding Award Stipulations

  • Requests may not exceed $500
  • Travel must be outside the State of Indiana. 
  • Travel Award limited to once per fiscal year.
  • All travel must comply with the BSU Travel Regulations and Procedures Manual.
  • Award recipients must file the required BSU travel documents with their department prior to travel.

Final Report/Grant Closeout

  • In lieu of a formal final report, send an email after returning from your trip to the ASPiRE Program Manager and your Proposal Manager detailing the results of your interactions with the Program Officer(s) and outlining your next steps.
  • Funds not claimed within 90 days of travel will revert back to the ASPiRE Program.