The Reprint/Publication Support Program provides support for expenses associated with publication, reprints, and page charges. Work must have been accepted for publication or published in a refereed or other scholarly journal. Funding is not applicable to publication development (please refer to the Publications and Intellectual Property Committee for development support).

*NOTE: We will not support articles for journals/publishers that could be considered predatory. 


  • Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty
  • Contract Faculty‐Full time contract appointment faculty members are eligible, but the award will be provisionally based on contract renewal.
  • Burris and Indiana Academy Teaching Staff‐Full time teaching faculty are eligible, but the award will be provisionally based on contract renewal
  • Professional Personnel‐University professional personnel members with research‐oriented duties are eligible, providing they define how their responsibilities relate to the proposed project.

Application Process

There is no formal proposal required for this grant. Instead please upload the following via Submittable:

  • A copy of the letter of acceptance from publisher  
  • If available at time of submission, a copy of the publication should be also submitted (this serves as the final report)

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for reprint/publication awards is the 15th of the month.  
  • Applications should be submitted the month prior to publication.

Funding Award Stipulations

  • Each faculty member is allowed up to $300 per publication
  • The maximum amount is $500 per author per fiscal year. In the case of multiple authors, only one award‐‐up to $300‐‐will be granted per publication.
  • Receipt of an ASPiRE Research or Creative Arts award does not affect eligibility of a Reprint / Publication award in the same fiscal year; however, grant recipients failing to submit acceptable final reports for any award will be declared ineligible for further support from ASPiRE programs.
  • Please note, documentation of payment to the publisher will be required by your department for University reimbursement. 

Final Report/Grant Closeout

  • There is no final report required for this grant program; instead please submit an electronic copy of the publication.
  • Funding is transferred directly to a departmental account, not to the recipient.
  • Funds not claimed within 90 days of publication date will revert back to the ASPiRE Program
  • It is the award recipient’s responsibility to file proper forms to claim grant funds. It is NOT the responsibility of the departmental clerical staff to see that grant funds are expended. 
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